The Bridging rein solves all the problems of slipping and loopy reins by providing an acceptable and non slip alternative to a knot in the reins. The reins do not contravene current BSJA rules, so there would be no objection to them being used in competition.

They encourage, NOT FORCE the rider to maintain the ideal contact and control. If your horse gets too keen or strong, the bridge will not allow the reins to be pulled right through your hands, and you will therefore be able to maintain the consistent contact necessary to stay in control in all situations.

Everyone who has tried the reins so far has said they feel a little odd to start with. After 5 minutes riding they don’t realise they are using them, EXCEPT that I am no longer nagging at them to keep a contact or shorten the reins.

There is absolutely NO restrictive action on the horse in any way. All he will notice is that the feel on his mouth is more consistent and so more effective.